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Anonymous VPN Service for Different Platforms

- Website Design
- iOS / Android App Design
- Mac OS / Windows App Design
- Browser App Design

Our task was to redesign the current website and design mobile apps for iOS and Android and desktop including Mac and Windows. We also had to create a unique and recognizable UI to gain a competitive edge.
We've picked a purple color which wasn't a typical move among competitors and added a few bright colors to create accents. Also, each color indicated the particular tariff plan. For better visual perception, we've used lots of white space. Generative forms that we added to the brand's identity, match the website and application design. In addition to the forms, we worked on icons design for each category and controllers.
Design Research
After having analyzed the competitors, we've collected coloristic and stylistic solutions to create a unique visual style.
Benefits of IPVPN
Our service gives absolute anonymity in the network. Visit any sites, no one will know who you are.
After creating the prototype of the main page, we've prepared a design concept that formed the basis of the future style of a website. Next, we've continued working on secondary pages of the VPN service and started to adapt the designs for mobile screens simultaneously.
Landing Page
We've created the detailed prototypes of all the pages of website and apps. Such an approach significantly simplified understanding of how the future product will look.
We decided not to use a map of the world in a browser version, enabling a user spend minimum time waiting for VPN service to start working. We also got rid of graphic trash and left only the main functionality. A user is able to turn on the VPN, change a server, check the subscription details, leave the account or proceed to the browser plugin tutorial.
We've designed a browser plugin on the understanding that it will be used in a light layout. That's why we've used white and gray colors leaving logo button bright and vivid.
Mobile and desktop applications, unlike a website and a browser plugin, are more contrast with the purple background and contain four main screens.
iOS / Android App
The application has no registration feature. A user is able to use an app only with a password generated by the VPN service. Users get the password by subscribing to one of the tariff plans.
Designing for Mac involves such peculiarity as modal application view in a top part of screens in a menu bar. Mac users expect to see vertical design since it's a typical format for the operating system.
Windows / Mac OS App
MacOS App
For Windows, we've used a simplified format of a window application.
We've built several projects from scratch with these guys. They know how to transform initial thoughts and ideas into clean prototypes/design. Plastik UI/UX design skills make products simple and easy to use by any kind of users, they also help to increase products' key marketing metrics. I recommend working with them.
Client Feedback
Oleg Volokhov