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Horse Racing App

Horse Racing Game is very much like fantasy football game. Horse results are based on of the races they run in. Horse is the main competing entity in the game.


Horse is the main competing entity in the game. Users can create leagues and the same horse can participate in any league that allows it. Whatever results horse gets in real life – same placings should remain in Horse Racing Game and players/owners of the horse get corresponding funds.

While working on the Horse Racing App, we've created the interface that absolutely responds to the declared request. Our main goal was to reach maximum UX simplicity and to follow all the requirements at the same time.
If you want to take a part in the Races, simply choose the appropriate form from the list and fill it.
As you can see, the Home screen provides fast access to the next 3 sections: Open Leagues, Private Races and Fresh News.
Home Page
User profile allows you to take a part in the private races and effectively manage personal resources.
Choose the one you like from Your Stable or buy a horse on the market.
Add Horse