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Unight is a one-of-a-kind platform giving you direct access to dining and clubbing venues in your city. Users can easily manage the parties they check-in at, share photos and events, and receive discounts and bonuses at their favorite spots.
UX Design work
Taking into account the volumes of the future Unight system, the first step we took was detailed Business Analysis stage, during the which we have accurately studied the Chinese nightlife market and the factual system requirements.

Market research has proved - there are tools (not so popular within the Western digital word) that are commonly used by locals in China - for instance, WeChat messenger and QR-code scanning for everything. This was important for us, as we were trying to make users interact with the system as organically as possible.

While planning the look of the web-version for the place owners we made a huge deal of research, asking them to expose the most acute issues they have - so that we could resolve them. After all the data was collected, we have finally come to wireframing Unight.

More to this, at this app owners would get their visitors' data - to finally engage with them.
Here our main UX-focus was put on adapting Unight to Chinese market. Following this logic, we have also decided to make 2 apps out of 1 product: the second app would be Unight Stuff app.

There venue stuff would check-in customers at the entrance, and cashier could make QR-bill payments within the app. The mechanism of QR-code operation is easy, understandable and handy same for customers and place's stuff.