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The invisible and at the same time the most important part of any project, fundamental basis is the project analysis. During this stage we help our customers to identify the main idea and purpose of the project, find strong and weak sides, build the structure of the project, evaluate the user flow and highlight the key features.

During this process we also work on the cutomers' portraits. This helps us to imrove the functionality based on the project target audience and their needs.

Project Analysis
∙ Sitemap
∙ Entity Diagram
∙ Competitors Analysis
∙ User Flow
∙ Personas
Each company, whether it is startup, small team or a big agency, always pays a lot of attention to their recognizability. That's why the things like Logo, company color palette and unique style are very important. Brand is always used in business, marketing, advertising and here in Plastik team we'll create the absolutely custom branding elements for you.
∙ Logo
∙ Brandbook
∙ Brand Identity
∙ Brochures
∙ Presentations
∙ Marketing Graphics
We always take care about the beauty and attractiveness of our product. In chase of appearance, we pretty often forget how important the usability is. User Experience (UX) refers to a person's emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system or service. Here in Plastik we pay a lot of attention to the UX, making it clean, user friendly and intuitive for the users. We perform UX wireframes in black and white as your attention should be focused on the functionality (not colors).
User Experience
∙ Wireframing
∙ Clickable Prototype
And here it's time to make your product colorful, attractive, stylish and memorable as UI is exactly about look and feel! During the UI stage we organize and group interface elements, work on the different design concept ideas and, as a result, we obtain the unified design style for your product and apply the approved style to all the screens of the project.
User Interface
∙ MoodBoard
∙ Design Concept
∙ Style Guide
∙ Product Design
Everybody knows that the look, feel and general impression of the visual component are in details. Even on the white background the set of unique icons will make an impression of absolutely custom design. We're fond of doing interesting sets of icons whether it's flat, isometric, gliffy or skeuomorphism style inventing different shapes, symbols and pictures that match the meaning of each icon.
∙ Outline / Glifs
∙ Isometric
∙ App Icon Design
What makes the website or mobile app look live? What makes illustrations look jazzy? Of course motion! Interaction between screens, animated icons and text, moving textures, logo motion - all these details make the project sparkling.
∙ Interaction Design
∙ Logo Animations
∙ Promo Video
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