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We help our clients connect with their customers.
You do not have a logo or corporate identity.
Or has it been out of date for a long time? Our team can help
    During the last years, we've developed an approach that results in professional, stand-out brand designs which build trust. Being focused on digital tech brands, we make sure the identity works well in the online environment and is visually consistent across all mediums.

    Here, we've combined our 6+ years of experience in UI/UX and product design. You will work with a cutting-edge design team and have a product launch experience from the inside out.

    No matter how big (or small) your business is, successful branding is essential‑especially when it comes to digital branding. From startups to successful enterprise‑scale businesses, Cuberto digs deep into the soul of a brand to generate strategies that work. Our team will help you define your visual identity, implement the design, and prepare eye‑catching marketing materials that amplify your impact.

    Please note‑while Cuberto's branding services are typically hired as a part of a larger web development or mobile development project, they're available for independent hire, too. We're here for you.

    We help you shape your product in a way that will make your customers happier and more productive. We build digital experiences that get the word out to the people who are looking for you, whether they know it or not. In short, we help you become more you. And then we help everyone else understand why you are exactly what they are looking for.
    During the immersion, as we're taking everything in, we're often documenting it in something we call a collaborative creative brief. This includes answers to such questions as: what are this project's goals? Who are the target users? How does this impact the business? Who are the key stakeholders? You'd be surprised how much lack of alignment there is here until you spell it out, project it on a big screen, and read verbatim.

    This all keeps us on the same page. It keeps us focused. And it's a living document — if and when things change, we have to all agree on that change and update the brief.
    Speaking of concepts, now that the foundation is set: it's sketching time. The more ideas the better, the more outlandish the better. Let's get weird: this is the time to not have constraints, and to dream big. (Constraints are critical, but they come later.)

    Eventually, as we work closely with the client, a couple of concepts emerge as the ones we take forward to explore.

    For brand projects, our concepts usually manifest in a massive artboard of ideas. Its purpose is to visually explore and set the mood of the forthcoming web site, product UI, out-of-home campaign, business card, tote bag, or whatever it may be, showing a collection of UI elements: general typography, text link styles, form fields, button states as well as photography and color palette. It's fairly informal and allows for experimentation.

    The goal is to lead to a visual vocabulary that enforces the upcoming brand exploration. It's full of sketches and nascent ideas, and is critical on aligning on aesthetics and visual styles.

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    Our design process is very collaborative and requires deep involvement on both sides.
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    • Social media design examples (profile picture, post and Instagram story template)
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