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The main idea of this app is to provide its users with the medical consultation in any area online. Such approach saves a lot of time for the users, provides an option to choose the specialist that is trustworthy, book an appointment with the doctor at any suitable time and, of course, be healthy!
The second part of the app is designed for patients and performed in different color palette, however, totally matches the style of the doctor's side.

As you can see on the screen, the user has an option to choose the doctor and review information about him, check the schedule with the time available, book an appointment and pay for it online. When the time comes, the video chat for doctor and patient is initiated by the app. Patient can leave a review when the appointment finished.
Medical Consultation Online App
Patient's Side
This user flow is designed for the doctors and includes the list of appointments, chat, notifications and personal profile. BTW, pay your attention to the calendar, we created interesting flow without any traditional timeline.
Physician's Side