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Screenshots design for App Store at Plastik Agency

Simply creating a mobile app isn't enough. After all the user tests are run, features developed, and marketing plans are written, there's one thing left: showcasing your app on Google Play or App Store with appealing screenshots.
Why compelling, enticing visuals are important to the app's success?
Since visuals catch user's sight first, they help decide whether your app fits user's needs or not. As a result, visuals impact conversion and churn rates.

Here at Plastik, we're led by consistency and holistic approach to app design. That's why we implement screenshot design for app store optimization to help businesses achieve the best results.
— Still hesitating? Check out a few reasons why you should below
60% of visitors don't scroll beyond the fold of each product page

50% of visitors base their decision on first impression

Only 13% of visitors scroll through the app screenshots

Visitors spend an average of 7 seconds on the store listing page

The product page should explain what the app does in less than 3 seconds
Profile of the beautiful girl
I can build the relationship here
Pictures of food
This app gets me food
Stories based on your interest
I can read content here that I'm interested in
I can see my fares for the ride
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We Design Screenshots For All the Screen Resolutions
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