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Agency vision of Okeej app design.
To avoid half empty screens, we've combined 2 screens in 1.
When the user swipes up the active shield, he'll see the full table with all the numbers.
We recommend adding a feature that will allow the user to track his body volumes. User will do it manually. This will be one more reason for the user to use your app frequently.
We recommend to provide the user with an option to name the Gym by his choice. So, when the user finds the appropriate gym by address, he can name it as it is comfortable for him to remember or leave the name that is offered by the system.
The images are always more demonstrative than text.
We recommend to avoid a lot of text and to shorten it as much as possible. On our concept you see the shortened version. However, if you still need a lot of text, we'll find some new solution during the design process. However, you should remember, that users don't like to read a lot.
As you already use "Training" word in the previous screen, we may title this one as "Excercises" to avoid repetitions.
Illustration of the human body will be more understandable than any table.
This page doesn't work for small screens. Please, use Desktop resolution devices.
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