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Nowadays nobody can imagine their life without music. Music apps are the part of our life and we want to make our contribution to this industry.

Main Directions
Music Streaming Services
Music streaming services have become extremely popular since they appeared on the market. Such app today is the best way to listen to music. The service we designed allows you to get multiple versions of each track including radio, dirty, instrumental, acapella and 8 bar intro.
The app includes 3 user roles: admin, DJ, listener. If you're registered as DJ member to the record pool, you have unlimited MP3 download access to hundreds of new tracks every month as well as an opportunity to upload your tracks. The listeners should buy a subscription so they could get an access to all the content, create their playlists, download MP3 files, listen radio stations etc.
Apps for Songwriters & Artists
Great artists and songwriters need great tools to promote their tracks, connect with fans and of course monetize their efforts. We want to present you one of such awesome projects we took part in.
The masters of the musical craft generate many great songs that never see the light of day, because they remain unreleased by recording artists - for various reasons often completely unrelated to their quality. qWaqq partners with songwriters and publishers to bring the hidden gems to the light of day. With qWaqq app you can now discover new music and exclusive content no one knew existed and couldn't hear before.
Music Learning Apps
Ever wanted to learn to play a musical instrument? Nowadays it became very easy thanks to technology. Play Market and App Store provide users with plenty of apps for teaching you how to play numerous different instruments.

We want to introduce you the Music Learning App we designed where you can study how to play Darbuka.
Darbuka is considered to be the leader of percussion instruments in the Middle East. The goblet-shaped single headed hand-drum is an ancient drum.
Darbuka app will teach you to play this instrument in different manners. You can choose your level, rhythm from the library and set a speed. You'll be taught how to put your hands on Darbuka and what is the right sequence to play.
Music Editor Apps
If you are fond of recording your own music tracks, the music editing app is what you need. It doesn't matter if you are a novice or pro, such apps allow you to create your music with unmatched convenience. Loaded with tons of audio effects, tools, and filters, they let you edit recordings easily.
DrumPad app provides the wide variety of features so you could perform your unique tracks. The app provides great variety of music styles: Hip-hop, Drum & Bass, Trap, Dubstep, House and many others. You can use Drum & Piano for creative sound designs. The user can get access to professional-quality audio samples created by professional musicians and DJs.
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